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CPD Presentations

The IIRRT CPD Hub and (specifically the CPD Presentations section ) are currently under review and being updated. Please  be mindful of this when engaging with content.Listed below are a variety of topics which may represent areas of practice which you wish to refresh on or areas which you have identified in your action plan as requiring development. Clicking on the desired topic will direct you to another page dedicated to the topic which may be further divided into a number of subtopics.  Here you will be able to select a presentation of your choice to review.  You are encouraged to reflect on your learning experience after each presentation and add to your CPD portfolio. 


We understand that trying to convey all the required information in succinct presentation format can be tricky and quite often the reader can be left more confused than when they first started!  To prevent this many presentations include additional notes from the author which can be downloaded and referred to whilst reading through the presentation.  Presentations with additional notes will display the icon to the left and can be accessed by simply clicking on the icon.

Many presentations offer the learner the opportunity to self assess their learning experience.  Presentations displaying this icon
contain links to a short test based on the learning materials just undertaken.  Simply click on the icon to take the test.  In doing so learners will be able to gauge their understanding of the learning materials presented.  If the test is successfully completed you will be given the opportunity to download a certificate indicating that you have grasped the learning outcomes accurately.  You can then add this to your CPD portfolio!  


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